"Picks Booster" Program

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About "Picks Booster"

"Picks Booster" aims to boost the exposure and popularity of your business by establishing it as a "Pick" in SL resident profiles.

Boost the popularity of your business

By listing your business in residents' picks you:

1. Expose your business to SL residents and their friends
2. Promote your business in a word-of-mouth manner.

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Goals you achieve

With "Picks Booster" you establish picks and keep them in SL residents' profiles. This allows your business to achieve the following goals:

Maximize your business exposure

Publishing your information in hundreds of Picks promotes your business thoroughout a growing social network.

Promote your business in a word-of-mouth manner

Residents constantly monitor their friends' picks to find a new and interesting locations and opportunities.

Help your visitors to remember your location

Keeping your location in resident's picks helps you to make and keep your brand well-known and recognizable.

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How it works

The "Picks Booster" program works according to the following scheme:

1. You create the "Picks Booster" order.
2. The system delivers a residents who visit your business and add it to picks.
3. StartingFrom this moment system ensures that your pick still exists.


You get the list of residents who have your business listed in picks. You always know how much profiles you currently have.


If one of your picks is being deleted, system automatically assigns you a new fresh profile. All picks still under verification and control until your order expires.


We do not allow newborn members to participate in this program as they are not involved in community life yet.

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The order price depends on the number of profiles you want to receive and the duration of your order.

Each profile costs L$49.


If you want to list your location in 100 profiles, your total order price will be L$4,900.

Each of these 100 residents will visit your parcel. Almost all of them has friends and socially active(as we do not accept a newbord accounts to participate in "Picks Booster" program).

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How to order

To place an order, login to your SL Business Directory account.

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These testimonials have been posted by customers who use this service:

S0phie Sautereau, "s0c Enterprises -- S0phie" owner, wrote:

The Search Analysis is the most valuable tool SLBiz2Life offers. And it's free :) I've tried nearly all of the services except for the Fox Hunt. So far, there is no comparison to this site's services. They are effective at devising new marketing strategies for business owners, even those that aren't the norm in real life. No complaints!

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Warryn Aries, "Aries Luxury Apartments" owner, wrote:

I have already used the Guaranteed Visitors service and it really did work. You guys are doing great!

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Belenos Stardust, "Stardust Enterprises INC." owner, wrote:

I believe SLBiz2Life is helping me greatly on that quest for the best through its Guaranteed Visitors program! Our HQ on Yolo Island has had its traffic increase exponentially!

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