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This review has been posted by Belenos Stardust, owner of Stardust Enterprises INC.:

I run Stardust Enterprises INC, maker of large helicopters, hovercraft, unusual airplanes, and Star Wars themed vehicles. This business is highly competitive, and to be the best you have to prove it in your scripting, building, sculpting, and marketing. I believe SLBiz2Life is helping me greatly on that quest for the best through its Guaranteed Visitors program! Our HQ on Yolo Island has had its traffic increase exponentially, and I find some of the visitors spend MORE than the required time, often logging off there and returning to explore, or even to purchase a vehicle of ours. Does Guaranteed Visitors work, YES!

This customer has joined SLBiz2Life and uses second life advertising services since July, 2010.
Testimonial posted on July 30th, 2010.

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