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Welcome to MetaBizList/SL Business Directory Wiki! This business library project has been launched to help business owners to develop virtual business in a most efficient way and get help about MetaBizList advertising services.

MetaBizList - SL Business Directory

MetaBizList (also known as SL Business Directory) is a largest Second Life business listing. Read more here about MetaBizList history.

Along with business directory listing, MetaBizList offers numerous advertising tools and services, both free and paid (business listing is one of the free services).

Services of SL Business Directory

Business Listing

Listing your business
List your business within directory

Business Reviews
Gather positive business reviews

In-world advertisement

Guaranteed Visitors
Attract visitors to your parvel

Picks Booster
Boost business with profile picks

AdFusion adboards
Gridwide advertising network

Web-based advertisement

Web Visitors
Stable traffic flow for your website

Web Banners
Old good banners at SL websites

SL Business Essentials

Second Life business basics

Second Life business basics the basics of Second Life business

Starting your business

Creating business account shades of creating business account with SL

Marketing and Advertising

The very first promotion steps