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This section contains the testimonials and reviews posted by our customers. We've categorized them according to the services used by the customer to make reading more easy.

All people listed below are real and run a Second Life business. We are proud of our services being useful for SL business owners!

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Kyoto Ying, "Kokyoto Textures & Mall" owner, wrote:

This system not only is a breath of fresh air to busy creators like me but a fantastic way for new customers to see what we offer. I have recomended this system to all of my tennants in my mall.

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Logan Porterfield, "LoPo Designs" owner, wrote:

I run an urban apparel shop in world and have been listed with SLBiz2Life several months.

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Isabella Towton, "Amber Light Village" owner, wrote:

I'm so happy I found slbiz2life, it has helped my business so much and i have passed the word around and my friends who run a business loved it too.

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Akasha Aferdita, "Curvature Body Mods" owner, wrote:

We run a body mod store - Shapes, piercings etc and SLBiz2Life have helped us to grow and expand from the day we set-up.

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