JayGee-Fashion to Love 090811
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I started my stores in SL in March 2008.
Fashion is my passion!!
JayGee Mainstore is located at Brookhurst Cove #1 (16 April 2012), where I have a large range of casual, formal, bridal, ladies fashion, silks, costumes, mens suits, mens fashion, and much more.
JayGee Group is for those who love fashion and I am proud to offer quality group gifts and special prices on my 4th Floor, along with shoes.

Reviews of JayGee-Fashion to Love 090811

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I have to admit something ...

by Lizzah Petrovic

I have to admit something to you all today, but you might have noticed it already. I am truly a Second Life fashion addict. I don’t think this will ever change. I am sure many of you ladies are, just like me, addicted to fashion in Second Life. Here you can ...

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I was quite surprised when ...

by QueenAbrams Resident

I was quite surprised when I landed at JayGee-Fashion to Love, I wasn't expecting a well established looking store. My thoughts were maybe a strip mall, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find what not just has the appearance of longevity, but is a beautiful experience waiting to happen. I say ...

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