SL Harbor La Luna Bay City
second life business card

" The LUNA Community, is the Community for u :D "
we feel the same way, and that is way we started this sim we want you to
have fun & relax and feel at home here :D
Meet and Be with people here, whos just like you :D That needs good Friends and fun :D
and we hope you help us to, to make SL a better Place starting in (: SL Harbor La Luna Bay City Sim :)
Our goal is:
Our dream is to create a newer and better SL in SL :D
We want you to come here and feel at home and have fun :D
Our Sim:
Sit at the LIVE Café and watch people pass by and chat with friends & Family :D
and enjoy the Live Music and stand-up Comedy & Poetry, or join in when we have karaoke :D
Play a Game with friends in the game room :D
We have a ton of nice DJs playing in the Club and you can go shopping in 1 of our 122 nice Shops :D
Try the Ferris Wheel and battle your friends in the Bumper cars :D
or u can relax Fishing.
We have Sandboarding and in Winter, Snowboarding :D
you git a small nice Hotel room
a (Set Home Here) Hotel room,
contains: 1 bed 1 sofa with animation.