Painter Designs
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Beautiful homes and fine furnishings by Painter Meriman.
Traditional homes in many styles including New England cottages and boat houses, Brownstones and villas.
These houses are noted for their attention to detail. Original textures, mesh and sculpted details give these homes a presence. They feel substantial.
All homes are mod/copy.
A furnished display home is set up next to the store to give visitors an idea of how wonderful these homes can be on site.

Reviews of Painter Designs

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Painter Designs offers wide selection ...

by Saltiveratia Resident

Painter Designs offers wide selection of interiors and buildings. Interaction with the customer is fully automated. Anyone, who wants to buy a house or watch a beautiful interior, will find it here. Exquisite-looking and reliable home, as well as look at you can try it and touch it. Buyer need to ...

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Painter Designs is primarily an ...

by CW Washborne

Painter Designs is primarily an opportunity for you to look and and decide on a house to buy, so that you can live in luxury on your own land. You will find a variety of houses that you can buy, and something to cater for different locations. These include are boat ...

Resident's screenshots:

Painter Designs at the Canvas ...

by Marteena Gloom

Painter Designs at the Canvas was a wonderful experience. I was thinking that just it would just be a room full of paintings and the interested buy would just make purchase from looking at the picture. However; it is more than just paintings, actual furniture are present there that one can ...