A Touch of Glamour
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A full service photography studio thats been in business for over 2 years featuring some of the best photographers in SL! We see more than 60 clients per week, and do everything from profile pictures to weddings. We have some of the most talented photographers that specialize in morphs and a variety of different styles. You'll get the customer service you deserve from our sales reps and the professionalism you seek in a real business.

We will also help you style if you need it, and will follow through with your whole experience while you are with us. We never leave you stranded and will adjust to your needs if at all possible. Our friendly service and staff makes your experience here very different from all other studios.

Come see why we have been here the longest and why most people prefer A Touch of Glamour in their images.

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Reviews of A Touch of Glamour

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

'A Touch of Glamor' is ...

by Deidre Byron

'A Touch of Glamor' is a professional photography studio with a lot of different photographers. Entering the studio you get welcomed by some first impressions of beautiful and big images. Also nearby is the office desk freely in the room. On my visit there was a a nice lady present who ...

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Beautiful study of photograph divided ...

by elpina Resident

Beautiful study of photograph divided in three parts. If the study has the flow of public expected then it will have to increase something the business since in the actuality it is a little bit small. In each zone, it is showed examples of the photographs taken until the moment. It ...

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Walking in on a red ...

by Severus1990 Resident

Walking in on a red carpet, customers will find an experienced, classy studio, with a broad staff of several Second Life photographers whose online status is clearly shown at the entrance for everybody’s convenience (picture number 1). The studio is a large gallery showing the work of several reputed photographers; names ...

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