Hotlanta Blues
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Hotlanta is the perfect atmosphere for blues lovers and anyone who appreciates a place that's been lived & died in, a place rich with a past where a glimmer of hope peeks out from the shadows of urban decay. Hotlanta is the blues, the laughter through despair.

The 3-story Hotlanta Blues Club includes a main dance hall, bar on the 2nd floor with pool tables and dancing, plus there's a large dance floor and secluded dance areas for couples on the roof. The perfect atmosphere for the blues!

Blues music streamed 24/7, with or without DJ. Occasional live performances. Hotlanta is a NO DRAMA ZONE, unless we have a role-play contest which is entertaining drama;) We have excellent dances for singles and couples available in dance balls. Our friendly hosts are on hand to assist you and answer questions. Hosts are also equipped with dance huds or chims to offer you dance. Management is easy to contact and frequently inworld. We hope you will join our group and become a Blues Lover, but if your groups are full you can subscribe to receive updates on events.

We love Blues Lovers. the blues

Reviews of Hotlanta Blues

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Hotlanta Blues the name itself ...

by QueenAbrams Resident

Hotlanta Blues the name itself makes you want to go and sit in for a jam session. Being a person who was raise on the blues as well as other genres I was so happy to come into Hotlanta Blues and not just hear music but see a live band on ...

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Hotlanta sure puts the blues ...

by Fenchurch Oh

Hotlanta sure puts the blues lover into the proper context and atmosphere. Laid out in a suburban (almost slum-style) environment, one just can't help but feel like Jake and Elwood in the old "Blues Brothers" movie. The club is laid out in 3 floors: 1st floor: Live band and dancing area. ...

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Hotlanta Blues Club is the ...

by Cloe5132 Resident

Hotlanta Blues Club is the perfect venue for blues lovers and is a very mystical place. The Club is 3-story high, with the main dance hall on the first floor, a bar on the second, and pool tables on the third. There is a huge dance floor and secluded dance areas ...

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